Thor vs Captain Marvel

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After watching Endgame, we fans were left with a lot of questions roaming in our minds and one of these unanswered questions was:

Thor vs Captain Marvel: Who is Stronger?

Over the time we got many answer for this question from many different sources, but we never got any clear answer. So now in this article we’ll try and find out a clear winner for this dilemmatic question from MCU’s perspective. So Let’s Begin.


Thor Odinson is one of the few characters of the MCU who doesn’t need any introduction. He is the son of Odin and the king of Asgard (after Ragnarok). We have seen Thor in many movies of MCU till now, starting from ‘Thor-I’ to ‘Avengers Endgame’. Along these wonderful movies, we have seen a wonderful journey of this fan favorite character where we have witnessed his rise and fall throughout his journey at many moments.

Powers and Abilities

Thor is not an ordinary superhero like others. He is a God, that too the king of Gods by the end of Ragnarok. If we discuss about Thor’s powers, then it consists of superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina and longevity. These powers are also superior to other gods, humans not to count. Thor’s abilities consists of electrokinesis, electogenesis, master hand-to-hand combat skill, genius level intellect, master at using weapons, multilingual, master tactician and some others. Note that Thor doesn’t have his own flight ability, he does that with help of his hammer or Axe.


Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) was introduced in the MCU in 2019 through her origin movie, and since then she was surrounded by controversies regarding her overpowered abilities. Carol Danvers was originally a human by birth and an Air Force pilot, who was imbued with Kree DNA and supernatural abilities after an accidental explosion. This way she became half human and half Kree. We have also seen her in Endgame where she goes toe to toe with Thanos during the final battle of Endgame and also she almost defeated him, until Thanos unleashed the Power stone’s full power on her.

Powers and Abilities

When Captain Marvel was introduced in the movies, Marvel’s president Kevin Fiegi said in an interview that Captain marvel is the strongest character by far MCU has introduced. But is this true? Captain Marvel possesses powers like superhuman strength, speed, regenerative healing factor, agility, stamina and durability as similar in case of Thor. While her abilities include beyond sound speed flight, high immunity, energy absorption and most famous of all, photon blasts from hand.


Finally we are in the section where we will find out who is stronger: Thor or Captain Marvel.

[ Physical Abilities ]


In the MCU, we have seen Thor using his superhuman strength at many points of time. At the end of ‘Thor-I’, Thor broke the Bifrost only with his muscle power. Thor has also faced Hulk in ‘Avengers-I’ and ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, where both the time it was a toe-to-toe battle. On the other hand, we have seen Captain Marvel’s strength while stopping the missiles from Kree ships in ‘Captain Marvel’ movie. She single handedly defeated his partners of the Kree taskforce too. Again in Endgame, she brought back Tony’s ship lifting it on her hands all the way from Space to Earth.

In the final battle of Endgame, we saw that Thanos easily almost killed Thor with his own Stormbreaker by piercing it through his chest and Thor wasn’t able to stop him that easily. On the other hand, Captain Marvel was able to give Thanos a tough fight all by herself. So from this, we can say in MCU Captain Marvel is stronger than Thor in terms of Strength.
Advantage: Captain Marvel


It is true that Thor has Lightening based powers, but in the MCU we have not seen Thor flying at some superhuman speed. To be noted that Thor doesn’t possesses the flight ability and uses his weapons for flight. Thor generally uses the Bifrost for travelling to distant places or planets.

On the other hand, Captain Marvel brought Tony from deep Space within a few minutes, she scanned the entire planet ‘Titan’ in search of Thanos within a few moments, she traveled from Earth to space in front of Ronan’s ship within a few moments and also during the Endgame battle, she caught Thanos’ fingers while snapping by appearing out of nowhere. So I think in this case, we have our clear winner.
Advantage: Captain Marvel

Projectiles/Inner Power

In this case projectiles refer to Captain Marvel’s photon blasts and Thor’s lightening. Though the photon blast has a 0% failure rate, we have seen Captain Marvel using her photon blasts very few times till Endgame. Also the moments she used it was not on any huge or hard to defeat enemy.

On the other hand, we have seen Thor using his lightening a lot of time throughout the MCU journey. Thor prohibited the Chitauri army’s entrance in ‘Avengers-I’ with his lightening, he defeated Ultron when he combined his lightening with Iron man and Vision’s beams, and also in Ragnarok he defeated 80% of Hela’s army alone with his unleashed lightening. So, we cannot say that Captain Marvel’s blast are weaker but since we haven’t yet seen her using it on a major enemy so for now Thor is our clear winner.
Advantage: Thor


In case of Thor we have seen that he has definitely more Stamina than his other teammates of the Avengers as well as Asgard. But it is also true that on many occasions we have seen him losing his stamina too. Like in the battle of ‘Avengers-I’, Thor started to lose it slowly as the Chitauri forces keeps incoming. We have also seen a little bit of this after fighting with Ultron’s squad in ‘Age of Ultron’. This became even worse in Endgame after he gets fat and inactive.

On the other hand, Captain Marvel stopped Ronan’s missiles in her movie and blasted the entire Xantuary ship in Endgame, and both the time she landed with a smile and without any sign of tiredness on her face. The only time we have seen a bit of tiredness is when she bought back Tony from deep space, but this is not considerable. Hence we have our clear result in this case too.
Advantage: Captain Marvel

Fighting Ability

As much as we have seen Captain Marvel in the MCU, we can say that most of the time she relies on her superhuman abilities during a battle. We have also seen her getting weaker when on a hand-to-hand combat with Yon-Rogg without using her powers. Thanos was also easily able to defend himself from her blows and he also managed to throw her away.

On the other hand, Thor has been raised in a circle of warriors and witches his whole life. His age is around 1500 years and in this duration, he has mastered almost all techniques of fighting. In the MCU, we got to see his combat skills in ‘Avengers-I’ when he fights Hulk in the Helicarrier. We saw this again in ‘Age of Ultron’ where he became Ultron’s biggest threat during the battle when he showed his combat skills. Not to forget ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, where he defeated Surtur, Hulk, Hela’s army and Hela herself throughout the movie with his fighting skills.
Advantage: Thor


Till now we have found that Captain Marvel have more strength and stamina as compared to Thor, but when it comes to durability, we have seen her only once when she survives the power stone’s impact and stands up to fight again.

But on the other hand, in the beginning of ‘Infinity War’, Thor also survived the impact of power stone and stood up. Also in ‘Ragnarok’ he faced the worst punches of Hulk and still got no bruises. He also fought monsters like Surtur and Hela with very few damage. And finally not to miss his iconic moment in ‘Infinity War’, where he took the full force of a raging star on himself and still appeared in Wakanda the next moment.
Advantage: Thor

Weapons Usability

There is no point of comparison in this case. Yes I agree that Carol Danvers was an Air force pilot, and so she definitely will be good with weapons. But here we are comparing the weaponry of Captain Marvel and not Carol alone. Since the day Carol transformed into Captain Marvel, we have almost never seen her using any weapon in the battlefield.

On the other hand, Thor is a master of weapons. Since the beginning of his journey in MCU, we have seen him using his hammer Mjolnir. After his hammer was destroyed, he started using Stormbreaker and mastered that too. Apart from this, we have also seen him using many different weapons according to the requirement like he used a random weapon while fighting with Hulk in ‘Ragnarok’.
Advantage: Thor

[ Mental Abilities ]


In case of Captain Marvel in the MCU, she got her powers in the 90s, that is she has her powers for almost 33 years till ‘Endgame’. Within this span of time she has visited many planets for helping out the locals of that place, but not to fight.

On the other hand, Thor Odinson is almost 1500 years old, and since his childhood he has been visiting many different planets as well as realms. Thor has visited most of these places for fighting as we have seen in beginning of ‘The Dark World’. Also, Thor have battled a lot of different varieties of monsters like frost giants, Surtur and Dark elves. Hence Thor has a wide range of experience.
Advantage: Thor


In case of Captain Marvel, we have seen that despite having so much power she always tries to control herself and uses her power only when it is required. We have seen this behaviour in ‘Captain Marvel’ when she forgives Yon-Rogg in the last scene and lets him escape. Also in ‘Endgame’ she said Rhodey that during infinity war, she was helping the people of other planets. This again shows high moral values.

On the other hand, we have seen in ‘Thor-I’ that how Thor always gets excited in the name of war, doesn’t matter with whom or where. Also in ‘Age of Ultron’ he grabs Tony by his collar as he lost Loki’s scepter. This again proves less morality of Thor, as behaving this with a friend is not considered good. In ‘Endgame’, Thor denies his responsibilities as a king and becomes a drunkard, which again is a symbol of less morality.
Advantage: Captain Marvel


It is obvious from the MCU movies that Thor is horrible at maintaining relationships. I mean, he has relationship issues with almost everyone including Loki, Odin, Jane Foster, Hela, Valkyrie, etc. Yeah it’s true that Thor always tries to do everything in the right way but still it goes wrong with everyone he likes. This resulted me declaring that Thor is not so good at maintaining relations.

On the other hand, we have seen Captain Marvel being very friendly and caring with everyone she meets. This includes many people like Monica, her mom, Nick Fury, Talos, his daughter, etc. Overall we can say that Carol has more interpersonal skills as compared to Thor.
Advantage: Captain Marvel

Emotional Control

This is our final factor which will decide that who is stronger, Captain Marvel or Thor. So if we talk about emotional control of both the characters till Endgame, then in case of Captain Marvel we have seen that how she gets angry easily. Like when she came to know that it was because of Thanos that his friend Nick Fury died, she decides angrily to kill Thanos alone. Also in the final scene of ‘Captain Marvel’ she gets so much angry that she accidentally unleashes her full potential.

On the other hand, I agree that Thor had made many weak emotional decisions in his life which ultimately resulted in the loss or death of his loved ones. But with every death, Thor became mentally stronger and we saw this in Endgame. When Thanos blasted the Avengers headquarters in the final scene, Thor was standing alone at the verge watching Thanos sitting on the mess.

In that scene, Thor may have approached and fought Thanos himself out of anger as Thanos killed Loki and also half of all population. But instead of this he stands steadily waiting for his friends to join so that they can kill Thanos for sure this time. This gives us a clear view that by the end of ‘Endgame’, Thor has become very strong, mentally.
Advantage: Thor


Finally after a long comparison between Captain Marvel and Thor’s abilities, we have the results where we have Thor winning by 1 point. Oh god, this was so close.

But this result can alter in the future, when we get to see more movies about both the characters. But for now we have our winner ‘THOR’.

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